Nutripot helps local charities in Derbyshire

Nutripot partners with FareShare to help local charities fight hunger and improve nutrition.

Nutripot gave nearly 7,500 meals for vulnerable people across the UK to FareShare this month.

FareShare is the UK’s largest food redistribution charity, taking food donations from the food industry and redistributing it to charities supporting vulnerable people.

Nutripot’s donation is of ready meals, each containing 50% of people’s daily nutritional requirements. Their spokesperson said  “Good food should never go to waste so we are delighted we can give this quantity of stock to FareShare who will distribute throughout the UK to people in need. 

FareShare Commercial Director, Alyson Walsh, added: “We’re grateful to companies like Nutripot who share our passion for fighting food waste and making sure good food ends up on the plates of those who need it.”

Nutripot aims to #NourishTheNation

Are you thinking of working from home?

Have you got a cupboard full of toilet rolls and sanitiser or do you think that hoarding is for fools?

If you self isolate, what are you going to eat?

The benefits of nutritionally balanced Meal Replacements

Nutripot and LighterLifeFast Meal Replacements are designed to give you Nutritional Security

You don’t have to worry about getting the right balance of food – especially when foods are scarce.

Each pack contains at least 1/3rd of all the daily nutrition you need.

3 packs a day and you have 100% nutrition.

With 28 vitamins and minerals carefully balanced to provide everything you need, these ‘space foods’ are ideal to have as a Meal Replacement stand by for all the family.

  • Delivered to your door
  • No need to refrigerate
  • Long shelf life
  • Stores easily
  • Ready to eat or just add water
  • From £1.49 a meal

Meal Replacements were originally developed as an efficient way of enabling total nutrition to be air-lifted into crisis areas to ensure the nutritional security of those with little food – Formula Meal Replacements have been doing a great job for nearly 50 years.

Using a similar principle as ‘Space Food’ NutriPot and LighterLifeFast Meal Replacements provide all the protein, vitamins and minerals you need in a day guaranteeing nutritional security. Nutritionally complete Meal Replacements have strict legal requirements with which we comply.

You can supplement your Meal Replacements with any conventional food – safe in the knowledge that you are building up your body’s nutrition levels